1-24-14 Debut Single by Charde Jones "Is It Worth It?" 

Announcing the debut single by my wife Charde Jones. Listen as she begs the question, "Is It Worth It?" Are the moments of temporary satisfaction worth the pain you subject yourself and others to in the long run? She hopes that listeners are challenged to rethink unhealthy patterns and inspired to look to Christ for renewal and change.

Listen to it by clicking here.

11-26-13 K-Drama Celebrates 15th Spiritual Birthday! 

Nov. 22nd, 1998 the Lord captured my heart @ my former classmate Marquez Patterson's funeral. He was 13 when he died. At his funeral I decided to deny myself, take up my cross daily & follow Him. By His grace, I have grown to love what God loves & hate what He hates. Admittedly, life ain't been no crystal stair & at times I feel like I'm a worse person since being born again, but I'm grateful that the blood of Jesus covers all sins (past, present, future) & I have slowly seen my life being sanctified. I am thankful to have a personal relationship with God & look forward to inhabiting Heaven with Jesus & the saints for eternity! Hallelujah!!!

10-31-13 "Hear My Story" Concert Series Kicks Off in Indianapolis! 

The "Hear My Story" Concert Series celebrating my new album "Winds & .Waves" & the testimony behind it kicks off this Saturday, Nov. 2nd in Indianapolis, IN.  I am excited about this series of shows b/c I have the liberty to perform the songs people want to hear & have time to tell my testimony without worrying about being kicked off the stage!  Each concert I believe will be exciting & encouraging for and to the body of Christ.  The tour will also stop in Elkhart (IN), Buffalo (NY) & Erie (PA).  If you would like to bring the concert series to your city, e-mail

For more information about the concerts including dates, times & locations, click here.

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